SPRYTE specializes in healthcare public relations, with a seasoned team of healthcare communication pros who leverage years of institutional and agency healthcare experience in Media Relations, Reputation Management, Public Affairs, Digital Content & Social Marketing and Referral Marketing communications.

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Public Affairs

In healthcare, your every move can impact public opinion. Being under the microscope at all times, too many organizations have learned that you can’t just flip a switch from negative to positive sentiment if you haven’t sincerely invested in relationships with media and critical stakeholders.

SPRYTE Communications’ public affairs experience includes development of legislative, political and social agendas. We educate elected leaders on issues relevant to our clients’ interests.

Whether your healthcare public affairs interests are conventional or digital or both, SPRYTE is ready to discuss your needs and to recommend a game plan.

For an example of our impact in public affairs initiatives, CLICK HERE.

Public Affairs Tactics

  • Public Advocacy
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Board Participation Research
  • Cause Marketing
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Advisory Committees
  • Crisis Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Legislative Targeting
  • OpEds
  • Opposition Research
  • Policy Review/Assessment
  • Town Hall Meetings
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