Public Affairs

In healthcare, your every move can impact public opinion. Being under the microscope at all times, too many organizations have learned that you can’t just flip a switch from negative to positive sentiment if you haven’t sincerely invested in relationships with media and critical stakeholders.

SPRYTE Communications’ public affairs experience includes development of legislative, political and social agendas. We educate elected leaders on issues relevant to our clients’ interests.

Whether your healthcare public affairs interests are conventional or digital or both, SPRYTE is ready to discuss your needs and to recommend a game plan.

For an example of our impact in public affairs initiatives, VIEW OUR CASE STUDIES.


  • Public Advocacy
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Board Participation Research
  • Cause Marketing
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Advisory Committees
  • Crisis Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Legislative Targeting
  • OpEds
  • Opposition Research
  • Policy Review/Assessment
  • Town Hall Meetings

Pediatric Specialty Care

Pediatric Specialty Care offers state-of-the-art sub-acute care for medically fragile children in a cheerful, home-like environment. When its brand new 50 bed, 36,000 square foot sub-acute facility in Philadelphia was set to open, the Agency:

  • Firmed up media messaging and facilitated media coverage.
  • Planned a visually and emotionally-charged program that included the parents of Pediatric Specialty Care’s first patient, admitted earlier that week.
  • Coordinated the attendance of nine elected government officials, and secured ceremonial documents from the Governor of Pennsylvania, a US Senator and Congressman, and the Mayor of Philadelphia, among others.

Our Results

Media coverage included a feature segment on 6 ABC, Philadelphia’s top rated network television affiliate, an advance feature story in the Philadelphia Business Journal and a feature story and photo gallery on WHYY Earned media impressions and social media followers topped 415,000.

Earned Media Detailing New Jersey’s Blood Shortage Spurs Company Blood Drives

Let’s Talk Clients Case Studies Media Relations Reputation Management Referral Marketing Public Affairs Pediatric Specialty Care New Jersey Blood Donor Coalition Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care Digital Content & Social Marketing Every year less than four percent of New Jersey residents donate blood. With a 15-year low in blood donations, the American Red Cross turned to the New Jersey Blood Donor Coalition. As one the Coalition’s 13 partners, the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey wanted to spur its 1,700 members to hold employee blood drives. The Chamber turned to the Agency for a recommendation on how to rally business owners around the public health crisis. The Agency:

  • Suggested kicking off the public affairs effort with a high energy Chamber Town Hall meeting.
  • Solicited media coverage of the Town Hall as a vehicle to further spread the word for the need for companies to host critical workplace blood drives.

Our Results

The Camden Courier-Post splashed the words ‘Blood Drought’ and a photo from the Town Hall meeting on its front page. In four broadcast segments, South Jersey employers were urged to host blood drives. Two online news sites also featured the Town Hall photo. Best of all, five South Jersey businesses hosted employee blood drives where 182 pints of blood were collected, enough to save the lives of 300 people.

OpEd Details How Doctor and Consumer Attitudes about Hospice Care Differ

Physicians say that hospice care is great but there’s too little service and it’s offered too late. That was one of the findings of a national survey comparing attitudes about hospice care among physicians and consumers commissioned by Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, a provider with 11 locations in 7 states. Armed with new, proprietary information, the Agency:

  • Leveraged survey findings in consumer- and physician-oriented news releases.
  • Used survey findings to write and place an OpEd by Crossroads’ Founder Perry Farmer.

Our Results

Farmer’s OpEd was picked up by eight daily newspapers. Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care’s consumer-oriented news release delivered more than 250 placements and the doctors’ version generated more than 1,000 views. A full-page story on the survey in a physician magazine, MD News, established Farmer as an expert resource for both doctors and the media.