Patient Celebrates 105th as Duckmaster at the famed Peabody Motel in Memphis

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Gift of a Day is one of Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care’s signature programs where patients are asked, If you had one perfect day, what would it look like?”  The patients’ answers spur the Crossroads team, based at 11 different locations in 7 states, to create special and memorable experiences for patients and families.  The Agency repurposes media information materials for Crossroads’ social media channels and Blog.


Our Results

The Agency’s Blog about a 105-year-old patient who celebrated her birthday and Crossroads Gift of a Day by performing Duckmaster duties at the famed Peabody Hotel in Memphis where she once worked was particularly effective. A Facebook post linking to the Blog generated 484 specific reactions from individual viewers, generating an additional 11,460 impressions. It was one of the highest producers in terms of monthly page views, impressions and overall engagement.

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