Shire Tackles Regional Hunger Crisis with High School Food Drive Competition

Let's Talk

Shire is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company that set out to engage the region to make a real difference for local children and families. Philabundance is a highly-regarded hunger relief agency. With our help, the two organizations partnered to inspire thousands of high school students to compete in a massive food drive event we called The Great Food Fight!  The Agency:

  • Reached out to principals and mobilized participating high schools with a huge pep rally media event.
  • Designed The Shire’s Great Food Fight brand to appeal to teens.
  • Produced an A to Z marketing toolkit to make participation easy.
  • Suggested a robust internal communications campaign to engage Shire employees in the campaign.
  • Lobbied for a $10,000 prize for the school that collected the most food per student.

Our Results

Shire’s The Great Food Fight! addressed the major health issue of hunger, engaged hundreds of employees and put the company in the media spotlight.  Ultimately, high school students from 21 high schools collected 65 tons of food in two weeks. The Agency generated 8.5 million earned media impressions in print and broadcast media coverage while Philabundance’s Facebook page posted daily for their 9,300 fans.

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