Multi-Lingual Nurse
Many health systems employ bilingual clinicians to speak to patients in their own languages.

5 Tips for Healthcare Marketing to Hispanic Audiences

Investing in Cultural Competence is Key

It sounds simple. In order to communicate with someone effectively, it’s best to speak to them in their own language. That’s a marketing axiom. For healthcare marketing, it’s vital.

When reaching out to audiences with a different ethnic or cultural background, it is important to appreciate exactly how those differences might impact your message – or your intended message.

For example, in conjunction with the observance of Juneteenth, SPRYTE posted a special blog telling about the history of the holiday and noting how African Americans may have different attitudes and perspectives in regard to certain healthcare services (we focused on hospice) and healthcare professionals, due largely to different life and culturual experiences.

Whether your target audience is African American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Russian or an other nationality or culture, it’s important to understand the nuances that can affect how your message is received.

Our colleagues at MTM LinguaSoft, a language services company that specializes in helping businesses communicate effectively with multilingual audiences, posted a blog that offered some important insights: “5 Tips for Healthcare Marketing to Hispanic Audiences.”

We think you will enjoy it! Read!

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