A hospice patient's last request – to take to the air one more time and gaze down upon his beloved home state – would be a dream come true.

Timeless Stories Break Through Any Clutter

A Veteran’s Last Flight Brightens a Labor Day News Cycle For many professional communicators, using some kind of angle to tie your message to an upcoming holiday probably comes almost as easily as falling off a bar stool. Sometimes, however, the story is so timeless that it will transce More
Palliative care seeks to help people live life to the fullest, for as long as possible.

Curing What Ails Healthcare

Hospice and Palliative Care Blaze a Path for Needed Changes: We’ve all heard the old healthcare adage: “The cure is worse than the disease.” Medical education trains physicians to fight disease. Generally, that means treating the symptom that the patient is experiencing. And More

Patriotic Symbolism Helps Promote a Timely Cause

What do July 4th and the Opioid Crisis Have in Common? Tie-ins to patriotic holidays are a time-tested avenue for promoting a product or business. How many times have we seen Presidents’ Day promotions for Lincoln lounge suites or Washington white sales? (Far too often, I think you More
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A remote-controlled device to prepare tissue for permanent breast implants made a media splash – because of a wonderful patient success story.

Leverage Patient Case Studies to Launch New Services

Patience Pays When Rolling Out That Shiny New Thing Earlier this year, we shared a blog on how making your healthcare event about people can draw in the media. But the same goes for the launch of a new technology or service: framing your offering in human terms, and attaching a great patient More
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Happy 36th (Wait, What?) Anniversary!

Conventional wisdom in public relations goes you should only bother promoting a company anniversary if the year ends in zero or five; nothing in between matters to anybody but employees More
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Shine a Light on Your Docs

According to the National Institutes of Health, patients only get to spend a median of 15.7 minutes in consultation with their doctor during an appointment. More

Mark Your Calendar!

There’s a pivotal moment in the classic baseball movie “Field of Dreams” when Kevin Costner is standing in the midst of a cornfield and hears a voice say: “If you build it, he will come.” More
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Declare Independence from the Mainstream Media

As we celebrate Independence Day, it’s worth looking at a great way for healthcare organizations to declare their independence from earned media More
public healthcare benefits

The Costs of Public Healthcare Benefits

There is an oft-quoted saying, usually attributed to Otto von Bismarck, the 19th century Prussian leader who became the first Chancellor of the united German Empire More
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A celebration band marks Emancipation Day, June 19, 1900.

Juneteenth – America’s Other Independence Day

Americans love their Fourth of July holiday. After all, it’s America’s birthday – the day we traditionally set aside to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence More