Opioid Crisis Requires a Community Effort

Combining Strengths to Confront a Potent Problem One of the most prominent public affairs topics in recent months has been “The Opioid Crisis” or “The Opioid Epidemic.” Hardly a day goes by without a major news story offering up frightening new statistics about the ris More

Beyond the Banquet Hall

Use social, PR to Propel Sponsorships If you’re in professional services with a healthcare practice, you know sponsoring healthcare-related seminars, conferences, committees and other events is a terrific way to get your organization’s name out to target audiences in a positive ma More

Taking the Media Out of a Media Event

Can it Still be a Success without Cameras? There are publicity stunts, and photo opportunities.  Events designed for maximum media coverage and events with a greater purpose, which the media might cover.  Sometimes photographers and reporters will come out, but even if they don&rsqu More

Honoring Doctors: The Calm Within the Storm

Honoring Doctors: The Calm Within the Storm

From the time we enter our formative years, we’re told that to make friends and avoid unnecessary disagreements, we should never discuss religion or politics in public. It’s a general rule that is well worth remembering – whether you’re building personal friendships or More

Building Relationships with Healthcare Journalists

The More You Know, the More They Want You on Speed Dial Capturing the attention of a healthcare reporter is the age-old challenge for health communications professionals.  But you can improve your odds if you remember the “relations” part of public relations. In a recent webi More

Cyber Security

Bracing for Cyber Attacks

Reputation Management is Key If Target suffers a cyber attack, customers’ credit card information may be at risk. But if a hospital or health system is struck by ransomware or a denial of service (DOS) assault, not only could patient health information be compromised, but quality of car More

Paying Homage, Building Relationships by Referral Marketing

Judging by Association: Making Referral Marketing Part of Your Arsenal Making New Business While Making New Friends   Your parents were right – people really do judge you by the company you keep. It’s an early lesson in what we call referral marketing.   Over the years, More

Employee Ambassadors in Healthcare

Congratulations! Your organization agrees that leveraging key employees as brand ambassadors will lead to better reach, credibility and engagement than More

Employees are Best Ambassadors

The healthcare industry is governed by rules under a whole host of government agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and More

Marketing Retail Healthcare

If you’re a senior healthcare executive, you are probably either seriously considering or already implementing a retail healthcare strategy. According to a report by Accenture, more than More