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When Media Worlds Collide

I grew up in the industry in the late 70s and 80s at BBDO/New York. Just post-Mad Men era, though not too far removed. More
Bronx gets his moment in the spotlight during Holy Redeemer's Dog Days of Summer Pup Parade.

The Power of Pooches

Never work with animals or children, goes the old show business saw. The point is, you will be upstaged, even ignored, in favor of your cute or furry costars. More
Happy Halloween!

What’s Scarier than Being Unknown?

Today is Halloween and a day for ghost stories and tales of things that go bump in the night. Scary stuff! But we are prepared to discuss something far darker and sinister. More

How to Write an Obituary: Preparing a Lasting Tribute

At times in our professional careers – and in our personal lives – we may be called upon to craft an obituary for a professional acquaintance, colleague, friend or loved one. More

Harness the Exclusive

When planning an earned media campaign for your organization, keep in mind the power of the exclusive. More

Telehealth: Potential & Promise

E-records and video chats are only the beginning Given recent events, finding common ground in a discussion over healthcare policy might sound like a fool’s errand. But there’s one area that is garnering strong support from all sides – telehealth.  And its popularity co More

Facebook Live

SPRYTE Communications was lucky to attend PRNews’ “Big 4 Social Media Conference” in San Francisco in August. Of course, Facebook is one of the big four. Facebook Live was the topic of one of the sessions and discussed in at least three others. More

Good Deeds Create Positive Images

An oft-quoted Buddhist koan states: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The same holds true for companies (as well as individuals) who perform acts of goodwill in their communities or provide other support for worthy endeavors as they seek... More

When Things Go Wrong in your Media Event

There are many considerations when arranging a media event for your hospital or health system. It’s really not unlike a wedding reception. More